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High School Information

Incoming/Current Water Polo Parent/Athlete Information


What is High School Summer Club Polo?

Summer Club polo is a training program in preparation for the upcoming fall high school season. Returning and beginning players will receive high level training from our experienced coaching staff and will be well prepared in all the skills necessary to compete at a high level. Practices will be combined with Varsity and JV level athletes which is a great advantage for developing players to learn quickly from more experienced players.


When is the Summer Dead Period (No water polo training)?

The week of July 3rd-7th and July 24th-28th


Where does the training take place?

Weight training at AHS and water training at Cuesta College


When does training begin for Incoming 9th Graders?

Training for incoming freshmen (current 8th graders) will begin on Monday, June 12th, from 8:30-11am. 


How long does the summer training last?

Starting June 12th until July 21st. 


What time is the training during the summer?

Starting June 12th: Monday through Thursday

Co-ed Weight training: TBD

8:30-11am: Boy’s Pool training

8:30-11am: Girl’s Pool Training 


Will there be any games this summer?

The JV Boys will participate in a Wednesday night summer league at San Luis High School. Varsity Boys will be playing on Thursday night. 

The JV Girls will participate in a Thursday night summer league at Arroyo Grande High School. Varsity Girls will be playing on Wednesday night. 

Both Varsity and JV will be competing in at least 2 to 3 tournaments this summer. Attendance is mandatory to fill a roster.

Details about tournaments: TBD

Tournaments will be played by Age Group. (Groups by Age 18u/16u/14u - Age as of Aug 1)


What is the cost for summer club water polo?

Cost: $400 --- Payment to be made by check to “A-Town WPC” or by credit card. 


When does the high school season begin?

Hellweek will begin Monday, July 31st, 2023.

Time: TBD


Is there anything else we need to know?

You must be registered with USA Water Polo in order to compete and train this summer. Affiliation choose "A-Town Water Polo Club"

2-Week Trial Memberships - 1st-time athletes only. Allows athletes a chance to try water polo for 2 weeks. Register below and complete trial membership for USAWP. Bring receipt of a trial membership to participate in practice.

Otherwise, register as a bronze level member. 


What should I bring?

- Girls Swim Suit - The official water polo suit is a one-piece suit with a zipper in the back. Any one-piece suit will work to get you started. Swim caps are necessary. The girls each season will receive an orange and white cap for games as part of the session fees. Additional caps are available for $5. Team Suits are available. 

Boys - The official water polo suit is a speedo. Jammers are fine to get started, but the speedo is best. Don't worry it won't take long to get your boy into a speedo and out of board shorts.  

Goggles - Goggles are helpful for swimming portions of practice. They will take them off for the polo sessions.

Water - Just because you’re playing in water doesn’t mean you won’t get thirsty. 

Sun screen - 

Just want to try? 

We do a two-week Trial Membership for brand new athletes. In order to do so you must do two Things 

1. Register for  

2. Complete the online USA Water Polo Trial Membership  

-- Bring with you a print out of the confirmation. After the two weeks, we ask the athletes to commit to the session with both A-town Membership and USA Water Polo Membership.


What is eggbeater?

Eggbeater is the means by which your athlete will stay afloat using their legs to be able to catch and throw a water polo ball.

--- Have your son or daughter make sure they watch the eggbeater videos below before you come.